Jaguar Certified

Jaguar Authorized Aluminum Repair Network Structural Repair Center

Exoticar Paintworks has met the requirements established by Jaguar North America, and is authorized to perform structural and non-structural collision repairs on aluminum-bodied Jaguar vehicles. This authorization ensures that the highest standards of aluminum collision repair are delivered in line with approved Jaguar repair methods and techniques.

The Jaguar Authorized Aluminum Repair Network is comprised of qualified and fully trained repair centers that have all met Jaguar repair standards. Each center has specialized tools, equipment and certified technicians who understand the collision repair needs of your vehicle.

Exoticar Paintworks is the ONLY certified Jaguar Authorized Aluminum Repair Network Structural Repair Center in Nevada. Our qualified repair center is staffed with certified technicians and equipped with Jaguar-tested and approved repair tools and equipment. We are the only source for genuine Jaguar aluminum repair parts, which carry a Jaguar parts limited warranty.

Our center features a self-contained aluminum repair environment to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination and corrosion from airborne steel particles from adjacent collision repairs.

Jaguar Authorized Aluminum Repair Centers are exclusively selected based on their ability to deliver the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.